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Banding 101- The Ultimate GUIDE!!

Hair BANDING  101:

 Help your child grow Longer healthier Hair now!

What is BANDING??

Banding, is the simple hair-style I have used on my daughter's hair for years to Protect her hair, Grow her hair to her waist by the age of 4, and to make my life easy!!

I compare it to the old tradition of African thread in the hair, I remember when at school, many African girls had their hair in thread, and it really grew LONG, now I understand why!

 Traditional Hair Threading

One mother I met at a hair show explained to me she uses the thread, to Stretch and dry her girls' hair instead of a blow dryer!
Gorgeous threaded hair on a 2 year old, hair mosturised with ROOT2TiP Nourish, Hydrate & Shine Me Butter!

I use the bands to do the same thing on my dd's hair.

Why is BANDING so good for the hair??
  • It allows you to stretch the hair without heat ;)
  • Its a great FUN protective style for kids
  • Kid's love the stress-free style
  • It will not stress or thin the child's hair line
  • It's less stressful than corn-rowing the hair
  • It allows the hair to GROW
  • It can last for 2-3 weeks at a time!
  • You can still moisturise the hair in between the style
  • You can make the bands from a pair of tights and cut the legs into metal free bands!
  • It looks great and different!

Banding - How to do it??

1) Start on clean conditioned hair.

2) Prep the hair with a effective leave-in conditioner like Kinki Coili Kurli Honey-rain Juice, follow this with a heavy moisturising cream, like Kinki Coili Kurli Twurling Batter or Nourish Hydrate & Shine Me hair Butter,

GREAT Natural Detangler/1st step Leave-in conditioner!

3) Its important to ensure you moisturise the hair PROPERLY prior to banding.
The best selling butter from Root2Tip!

4) Part you hair from ear to ear in the middle of your head, and clip half away.

5) Starting at the back, depending on how big you want your sections, around 3cm up part the hair again from ear to ear,

 6) Part the hair vertically so you have a box sectioned off.

7) Brush the hair gently so its smooth and tangle free, starting at the base of the hair, apply a band, then 1 cm down, apply another band, not too tightly, as though doing a pony-tail
continue doing this down the section of the hair until you reach the end of the hair, bend the tip of the hair under to protect it and apply a final band around it gently.

8) Ensure the ends of the hair get an extra smothering of moisturiser, they get dry the quickest!

9) Continue to section off hair and band each section.  You can even twist the hair first and then band it, the style will last even longer this way.

10) Choose fun coloured tights to make your bands with, or school uniform colours during term-time.  

About to wash unbanded hair!
Banding is great for active kids!

2 banded pony-tails on thick afro hair

4 banded pony-tails on fine curly hair

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My Hair growth Formula:

Banding +  ROOT2TIP Products = Longer hair!

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